OMA SUD started up in 1988 with the goal to produce aeronautic airframe components and large aircraft section. Its head office and plant (20.000 mtq) are located in Capua (CE) nearby CIRA (Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali), in proximity of Oreste Salomone Airport with direct access to the airfield and a few miles far from FINMECCANICA/Alenia aeronautical industrial area and Pomigliano D’Arco , Capodichino and Nola areas.
Starting from 2007, OMA SUD has another plant located in Trentola Ducenta (CE) for mechanical and precision parts and another in Pastorano for tooling storage service.
A facility center for SKYCAR completion in US at North Perry General Aviation Airport – Broward County – FL will be operative in the second half of 2016. An international center for marketing is based at Federal building in Miami International Airport.


During the 90’s OMA SUD greatly increased its industrial capabilities, adding to the aeronautical airframe manufacturing, as supplier of Finmeccanica (Alenia, Agusta), Boeing, Airbus etc., a real strong development of design and production engineering.

The Company capabilities growth speeded up starting from 2003 when OMA SUD changed ownership; as a matter of fact OMA SUD has extended its competitiveness developing (Design and Manufacturing activity) a very innovative General Aviation aircraft with the name of SKYCAR and in the development of a full composite Sport Aircraft named REDBIRD.

New management pointed out big attention and care to the human resources that have been strongly increased, both quantitatively and qualitatively during recent past.

Design, Manufacturing, Quality and Production Engineering departments have been significantly empowered with the introduction of first level highly skilled technical resources.
Moreover OMA SUD has taken special agreements with several Italian Universities for closer cooperation in the development of common research activities, graduate and post-graduate training and master degree thesis development inside the company.

The Quality Assurance System is certified by the EN 9100:20023 (Unavia) for the activity of Design, part manufacturing, aeronautical airframe assembly and mechanical workmanship.
As a result of this effort OMA SUD granted by EASA/ENAC POA-Production Organization Approval on October 24th 2007 and DOA Design Organization Approval on June 26th 2007.

Type Certification for the SKYCAR has been achieved in January 8th, 2010 from EASA and in March 14th, 2011 from FAA.
EASA certification of REDBIRD under CS-VLA category is expected in the first quarter of 2017.

Currently OMA SUD has two major core businesses:
– as Integrator for major international aeronautical programs;
– as General Aviation Manufacturer.
Recently OMA SUD has been selected by Boeing as approved partner for the following activities:
– Tools fabrication ;
– Long lead raw materials storage;
– Spare Parts manufacturing.
– Tools storage and maintenance by out of production aircrafts.

Major Customer base is: FINMECCANICA (Alenia, Aeronavali, Augusta, Aermacchi) and Sukhoi.

Capua via Marra loc Silvagni

Total area: 20.000 square meters
Building areas (square meters):
– Shop: 6.600
– Facilities: 450
– Painting rooms: 220
– Offices: 420 x 3 levels
Shop height: 10 meter
Electrical rated output: 800 KW
Compressed air max delivery: -45 cubic meters/min @ 6bar

via Cerasa
loc. Fontaniello

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